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Adventures happen only to people who know how to tell them... to themselves (H. James... and me)

Get ready fir the book Therapist a great one

My name is Stefania Moro
and I am a lonely traveller.
Doctor in Philosophy. Master
in Social Psychology. Journalist.
Tv author. Editor.
But this is just my formal
framework. Substance lives
somewhere else.
I am a booktherapist. I found it
out working as an editor.
Nobody taught me.
I love all the unknown lands
books and their authors
allow me to walk through.
They move my perspective,
every time a new journey.
Every single time a new music.
Nothing virtual. I’m talking
about real life, about learning
to understand something more,
learning to do something good
to yourself.

The power I’ve explored is
called wordmusic. And it works.

Today I feel ready to lead
other wanderers into
the same adventure.
We can make it, all of us. Each
in his own way.
And that means becoming your
own booktherapist.

Wordmusic  treats you if you let it 'overwrite' in you

me as an editor

A book taking its form is like
music finding its right chords,
its own harmony.
For the author, this search and its
accomplishment is always
I always keep that in mind.
My very personal way to work
as  an editor has always been by
being a booktherapist.
Maieutics is my leading method.
Each book I edit is a journey
through those pages
and inside life.
That’s the only way to find
the author’s true wordmusic.
That’s what I’m looking for.

I work free-lance for publishing
houses or single authors.
As a booktherapist I lead
autobiographic writing  journeys
and workshops for ‘explorers
of the boundless’, psychologists,
councellors, managers, teachers.
Free minds.

Any true reader - someone who
can read himself - knows what I’m
talking about
when you experience this magical
power in an unclinical setting
with a nice cup of tea
or a glass of  wine
and somebody capable
of psychological techniques
and deep empathy
then you will be traveling with me
on my booktherapy planet
searching for
your personal wordmusic
you’re reading yourself
through reading
you’re finding the right words to tell
your  own adventure

if you want to try

individual or group journeys
along the pages and their music


whenever you find your wordmusic
you can upload it on
the global store for your wordmusic